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I grew up in a small, rural, Northern community. As a child I was always a little too serious
for my age; I had a strong passion for the protection of nature, and the "underdog", which I
am sure drove my parents to distraction at times. I was intensely shy, but somehow if someone
was being "wronged" I found a voice I didn't know was there; and by the age of 10, was already
informally "counselling" other children in the school yard, and seemed to be the "go to person"
for problems - sort of like Lucy on Charlie Brown, except I always forgot to charge the 5 cents!
Counselling just seemed to be my "calling." I followed this dream, and attended University to
obtain a Degree in Psychology, graduating in 1992. In 2009, as a mature student, I attended
the Program for Working Professionals at the University of Windsor, obtaining my Masters
Degree in Social Work. I am blessed to have had a rich, fulfilling and varied work life.

I have acquired a wealth of experience, while working in Community Agencies (domestic violence shelters, family counselling, family shelters etc.) and as a Medical Social Worker in Obstetrics, and Gynecology. I have received specialized training in working with Women Survivors of Abuse through pregnancy, labour, childbirth and, early postpartum. Many women, and couples, just like yourself, have been referred for counselling through a variety of sources (such as Physicians, Naturopaths, and Doula's), or have contacted me directly. My training, in combination with life experience, has provided me with the knowledge, skill and heart to walk along side you as you navigate this difficult period of your life. It is not necessary for you to feel isolated; I am here to be another resource; to add to your strength, your skills, your sense of hope and to increase your ability to cope.

I am a member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
(Registration No. 820714), as well as a member in good standing with the Ontario Association
of Social Workers (Membership No. 10448). I utilize many different counselling modalities and
techniques, and approach therapy from a cognitive perspective, however the most important
thing to me is the development of a trusting therapeutic relationship. This is what ultimately
leads to growth and to healing - and above all, I want you to feel safe and comfortable working
alongside me in true partnership; I want to know first and foremost what works best for you,
for your specific personality, and for your specific goals (not mine). You are the captain of
this ship; I may just point out a large rock, or a dark storm cloud from time to time!